Puheilmaisu meni lukuvuonna 2012–2013 Roomaan. Teimme filosofian ja yhteiskuntaopin kanssa yhteisen AD FONTES! Puhetta, paatosta, politiikkaa! -produktion.

Ad Fontes! käsitteli puheella vaikuttamista. Kalliolaiset penkoivat vaikuttamaan pyrkivän puheen klassikoita ja retoriikan roomalaisia juuria. Niiden lisäksi otimme käyttöön Suomessa vielä uuden puhetaidon lajin, spoken wordin, ja edistimme sen rantautumisesta Helsinkiin ja Roomaan.

Mikä spoken word? Lue tästä. Alla on ote Rooma-prokkiksen Albano–Kallio-blogista, jossa spoken word esitellään näin.

Kurkkaa lopuksi myös suomalaisen spoken wordin airut: Helsinki Poetry Connection.

What Spoken Word?

The art (and craft!) of spoken word merits a page in our blog. The reasons are more than many. First and foremost: the Albano-Kallio project concentrates on public speaking and the power of speech. That’s what spoken word is all about. It’s a speech act done and designed to have an impact on the listener. Second, as foremost: 10 of the 24 Kallio students’ speech acts are spoken word acts. The Kallio spoken word artists, the students who have chosen spoken word to be their genre of powerful public speaking are Eero, Essi, Heta, Kaarlo, Lotta, Meri, Rebecca, Olli, Santtu and Tua. Go!

The easiest way to understand what spoken word is about, is to think about stand up comedy: one person on the stage speaking intensively about personal things and having a new, personal and peculiar point of view to the world. But what differs spoken word from stand up comedy are the means of touching. Whereas stand up operates mainly with laughter, spoken word operates with a much wider range of feelings: joy, anger, tenderness, love, you name it. The messages vary from politics to personal feelings. The key factor is the personal, intensive touch. No fear nearby. Spoken Word is also a cousin of poetry: it plays with rhythm, repetition, alliteration and rime.

Spoken word was born in New York and Chicago in the late 60's. It has travelled more than 40 years through clubs and big stages to Broadway and White House, from minority right rebelling to all kinds of emotions and statements. It’s a great form of art in the States. Here in Helsinki it’s now taking its first steps and living its first years, mainly on two special clubs: Poetry Jam and Kiiski Open Mic. The Kallio students have already conquered the Kiiski Open Mic – and been the first spoken word artists ever on another music theatre club: Allotria.

Albano, we have four spoken word acts only for you, in English, ready to presented in Rome in April!

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